Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good News/Bad News

from Layne & Beth Klein .....We've had some good news and some bad news when it comes to Sassy and her impending birth.   First off, Sassy had a normal pregnancy and all signs pointed to a healthy birth of her calf.  On October 6, Layne woke in the middle of the night knowing he needed to check on Sassy.  Much to all of our disappointment he delivered twin bulls, both born dead at 4:30am that Monday morning.  Twins are not that uncommon on the Farm, but delivering so close to the due date meant that each were full size, weighing approx. 80-100 lbs. each.  Our focus immediately went to helping Sassy recover from a less than perfect delivery.  She started off her lactation (milking) not at her best.  Cows having twins usually have a difficult time getting rid of all that they carried in the Uterus.  Sassy has over the last month slowly been getting back on track, recovering from the birth, and gaining on her milk production.  In a few months we will be looking to breed her again, hoping for another pregnancy with better results than this last time.  Living on a Farm requires us to deal with life as well as death; the good right along with the bad.  Now the she is feeling better, Sassy will continue to report on the happenings around the Farm once again.  Stay tuned to updates from our favorite cow as she lets you know all she sees from a cow's point of view.

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