Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eden has Girl! Harvesting has Started.

Hi Everyone,  Sassy here again.  I was thinking the other day while out in the pasture that fall was finally coming, and here we are feeling very hot again.  My hooves and ankles feel swollen from the heat.  Thank goodness, Layne and Jake take care of us pregnant ladies so well. Today another girl left the dry cow barn to have a baby.  Eden delivered a healthy baby girl today.  Take a look at the pictures, she is just beautiful.  Eden will now join the cows in the milking barn where she will be milked into a bucket which will then be given to her baby for the first few days.  After that, her milk will be put into the milk tank, just like everyone else.  The baby will then be placed on formula.
Just born!  Eden licking her baby.

Harvesting is in full swing as well at the farm.  Just the other day, I was grazing in the cow lot and out came Jake driving the chopper right near where I was eating.  He was busy chopping hay.  I was able to get a picture of chopper for you to see.  They are all done filling the second silo on the farm.  Next up is chopping corn which will be filled in the tallest silo.  Finally, in November, they will shell all the high moisture corn and place it in the blue silo. 
Hay and Corn Chopper

Finally, I noticed a lot of repairs going on around the farm and I just realized that it's almost September and Fall, and Fall=Harvest Weekends and Open House the entire month of October.  I caught Layne and Matt today repairing the heifer barn beams.  Matt also finished and posted the corn maze signs.  Beth told me the other day that we now have 2 corn mazes.  I found out Open House will be the first weekend in October and harvest weekends will be every other weekend in October.
Repairing the heifer barn
It's ready and open...and FREE!!!

It's Me..Sassy..just saying HI!
You know, I'm having trouble coming up with names to name my baby when he or she is born.  I asked Beth and she suggested I have a contest to name my baby.  From August 29th-September 30th, on this blog in the comment section, please suggest a name for my baby.  They can be either boy or girl, but have to start with the letter S.  In order to keep cow families together, we always name the baby the same first letter as the mother's name.  When you comment, just leave your first and last name and your name suggestion. (you can also email your name suggestions to so we have your email address to contact you if you're the winner)  Everyone can each enter twice, once for a boy name and once for a girl name.  The Klein's will choose their top 5 boy names and top 5 girl names.  On Open House weekend, we will have open voting from the public to choose the top boy name and top girl name.  Those two people will win $20.00 gift cards to the farm store.  When I have my calf, his or her name will be revealed first to this blog.  If you decide to enter, please check back on October 4th to find out who won.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sassy the Cow

Hi, my name is Sassy the Cow and I have my own blog.  The farm decided to give me a spot on this blog because I'm loved and special.  No, seriously...I am special.  Jake Klein, who happens to be my owner told me so just the other day.  That was right before he put me out to pasture and stopped milking me.  I am pregnant with my 2nd calf.  I was bred in January and was milked in the barn along with the rest of the cows until the first week in August.  At that point, Jake and Layne dried me up and put me in the dry cow barn.  So you ask, how do you "dry" a cow like me up?  They stopped milking me gradually.  I was only milked for one time a day for about a week, instead of the twice a day like the other cows in the barn.  After a while, my milk stopped coming in and I was moved to the dry cow barn until I give birth. 

You're probably wondering (especially if you have visited my farm) how did I get pregnant? Well, the farmers don't keep any bulls on the property because it is just to dangerous and if they did, the gene pool would just get too small.  In the cattle world, variety is the spice of life, so to say.  I was bred to a bull named Outside back in January, via artificial insemination. My gestation period, just like a human is 9 months. 

So, here I stand, watching the world pass by and that's why I am finding the time to "blog".  Other happens on the farm that I can report are an explosion of baby fowl.  This summer, we've had 4 baby peacocks born, 15 baby ducks and lots of baby chickens.  You can see all these cute babies walking around on your visit to the farm.  Feel free to stop by the dry cow barn to say hello to me as well.  I am the red and white holstein cow who is just ohh so friendly.
Hi, I'm Sassy the Cow  
Up Close and Personal!  Yes, I am friendly!
My home...aka The Dry Cow Barn